Luta Livre Student takes Silver medal in Australia

Jay submitting his opponent at semi finals

Jay Odell, of the Welko Academy for Luta Livre in Queensland Australia, today took home the silver medal after a great performance at the "Lockdown Submission Grappling tournament". Although registered for the novice division, Jay competed in a mixed category of novice and advanced competitors from some of the biggest bjj gyms in the state, including ATOS and Ryan Gracie BJJ and other well established MMA gyms. All of his victories came by way of submission.

Head Coach of the Welko Academy for Luta Livre in Australia, Matt Hull-Styles says "Jay’s performance demonstrated the effectiveness that Luta Livre instruction and mentoring from the Welko Academy has had on the outcomes for our Students" further he commented “We took a pathway of preparation heavily influenced from the Luta Livre input of Nico Welko. Our focus was pressure and use of weight, strong stand up and aggressive submissions. We are looking forward to building on our competitive success in 2015”.

Head Coach of the Welko Academy for Luta Livre and National Coach of RFT Deutschland, Nico Welko, was very happy with Jay’s tournament’s performance and Matt’s job as a Trainer and said “Matt sent me the videos of the competition. I saw and analysed them and it makes me happy to see how they improved. Strong takedowns and throws and once on the ground heavy control over the opponent to submit them quickly. No guard pulling and no unnecessary fancy moves. That is our Luta Livre, that is how we fight”. He further commented “Matt is doing a great job.This is not the first time he has prepared his students to take medals at tournaments. I feel happy working with him and transmitting my knowledge about Luta Livre to Australia. Jay and Matt have shown that they are ready for the next graduation according to our criteria at the Welko Academy for Luta LIvre”.