Luta Livre reaches Hungarian soil.

Tight cooperation established after professional camp and projects of the Welko Academy.
From 25th to 27th of March, the 3 days professional training camp of the Welko Academy to promote and develop Luta Livre worldwide toke place in Budapest-Hungary under the guidance of RFT Luta Livre Black belt from RFT Deutschland and Sports Scientist Nico Welko on behalf and organization of Budapest Top Team and Independent MMA Team.
The content of the camp was strictly focused on the demand for professional MMA fighters covering techniques, tactics and the very detailed explanation of them centered around RFT Luta Livre and sport sciences for both, MMA and submission grappling.
A tight cooperation between Budapest Top Team, who won the title of the best Hungarian team of the year 2015, Independent Luta Livre & MMA Team and RFT Luta Livre Black Belt Nico Welko was established in order to strengthen the professional Hungarian Teams and give support to the athletes while supporting the growth of Luta Livre in the country. It is worth to mention, that these are the first official Teams ever in Hungary for both, representing and teaching Luta Livre under the supervision and guidance of professor Welko.
Marcio Cromado, headcoach and leader of RFT said "I feel happy about this one more partnership, about having reached another country through the dedicated work of our black belt professor Nico Welko in continuing, spreading and taking care of our RFT Luta Livre in Europe and the world by keeping our RFT standards, not only our standards for Luta Livre or grappling competition, but also for professional MMA. I feel confident, that this partnership will lead to more success in both, the cage and on the mats of Europe".
David Tolnai who organized the event summarized this 3 days of training sessions saying „Nico is a very kind, and admirable person full of positive energy. In common life he is easy going and has a good sense of humor but when it comes to training he is extraordinaryly precise,we have met a black belt expert indeed. He delivers his Luta Livre style in a very elaborated way, comprehensively, step by step, totally clear, realistic and all this were unique for us. And now we actually realized that this is the style out of all kinds of grappling's which is the closest to MMA. Even myself as an experienced trainer I have also learnt a lot about his teaching methods and sport psychology during these three days". Further he continues "Of course we will definitely continue working together. At the end of May we, the Independent MMA and Budapest Top Team, got the opportunity to take part of a 2 days grappling competition in Germany under the wings of RFT and the Welko Academy which is an honor for us. Some of our athletes will compete in the advanced, some in the beginners divisions. It’s a great feeling to be able to write sport history in Hungary as we are the first to represent Luta Livre here in the country”.
Nico Welko commented "I really felt good spending time with the athletes and coaches both on and off the mats. They are very dedicated, good-humored, they stick together and maintain a good relationship all the time. The trainers are fantastic, you can feel that they live and work for the sport and the teams and this is reflected in the success of their athletes. I see tremendous human potential, personal strength, excellent teamwork and other essential resources there to generate champions and spread the art of Luta Livre in the country. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to pass on to them my knowledge and support. Further he said "Realizing the international impact the Welko Academy has made with its Luta Livre oriented projects in such a short time energizes and motivates me even more to keep developing and carrying out further projects".
In order to keep a dynamic and sustainable development of Luta Livre in Hungary, seminars, camps and mutual visitsare planned for the future.The teams have already discussed the organizing of the next training camp in August at lake Balaton where many Luta Livre athletes and students from all over Europe will come under the leadership of RFT Black Belt Nico Welko.
The video below highlights some of the camp's training sessions in Budapest-Hungary.
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