First Luta Livre Academy in Australia

The efforts of the Welko Academy in spreading Luta Livre as an independent discipline by keeping its original culture, now reaches Australian soil. The Kinetik Grappling Club headed by Matt Hull-Styles at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland offers Luta Livre Training for everyone under the non-commercial program of the Welko Academy.

This is the third continent, alongside South America and Europe, where the Welko Academy has supported the establishment of an official Luta Livre Academy. Headcoach of the Welko Academy, Nico Welko, is pleased about this event and comments “I am happy to extend this personal project and affair of my heart to spread Luta Livre even to Australia […]” further he tells “[…] I also recognize and appreciate the energy of Matt to propagate our Style of Grappling and I am looking forward to the further development of this cooperation and all good things that are still coming”. Matt Hull-Styles was especially excited to be the first to represent Luta Livre in this Continent and expressed “It is a great pleasure of mine to be a pioneer in strengthening and continuing the legacy of Luta Livre in Australia and to do so as a part of the Welko Academy […]“ and continued with these word “[…] Nico Welko has been a tremendous help in giving me support and direction in this venture. Step by step I hope to be able to transmit to my students the intuitive beauty of the art as a unique yet highly accessible form of submission fighting […]”

Until now the educational training was held via electronic learning material, but frequent mutual follow up visits between Nico Welko and Matt Hull-Styles were announced for this year to keep the evolution and quality of the new Academy.

The classes at Kinetik Grappling Club are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon with one on one classes on request.